Business network of startups and investors InnMind announces the start of submission of applications for the first international competition of online business models of startups «Growth hacking Innovations»


The idea and technology are the important components of startup success, but without adequate business model and project implementation plan it will remain in the draft stage.

Therefore we are looking for start-ups, who understand what the business model is and who are able to reflect it in the presentation with the use of any available tools.

Jury consisting of professional investors will assess how the founders of start-up thought out the project implementation plan, market entry and delivering it to the end-consumers, how they assessed possible risks and so on, how they could present the business model in the startup profile on InnMind.

We are looking for projects in the field of IT security, Healthcare, IoT, CleanTech, FinTech, Human and machine behavioral analysis.


Winners will receive an incredible opportunity to develop their start-ups:


VentureClub, the Russia's largest platform for syndicated angel investments with more than 700 partners and business angels in 6 countries, will choose one of the finalists for detailed due-diligence and analysis to assess the possibility of investment round with VentureClub.

Another opportunity for one of the finalists is to present their project in front of Maxfield Capital Investment Committee for possible investment round. Maxfield Capital is International venture company operating in Europe, US, Israel, and the CIS, and globally invests in technology startups at an early stage and growth stage.

INNOVARE Swiss-Eurasian Platform provides one of the winners with a complex support of start-up project, including improvement of business model and help in finding investment and direct contacts with international investors.

VCEE Startups will present a special prize for 2 finalists - Free tickets for the next International Investor Day! The event regularly attracts over 500+ business players from Europe and the US, and provides access to over 100+ corporate and private investors. A great chance to meet with potential partners and investors, as well as learn about the latest global trends in business, investment and start-ups.

 Jury of the competition:

● Maxfield Capital

● Seedstars World

● Starta Capital

● VentureClub

● VCEE Startups

Applications for participation in the competition (in English) are admitted from 25 May to 15 June by mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

In order to participate:


1. Register your details and fill out the profile of startup InnMind

2. In Profile, download business model presentation in "additional documents" section by using any of the tools available (for your convenience, you can download templates of business model canvas in the section (Documents for startups)

3. Send your request by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , and attach a link to the profile of your startup.

More information about the competition is on 

The finals of Growth Hacking Innovations!



June 15, the first qualifying round of the online competition of business model of startups Growth Hacking Innovations was completed. A number of applications were received from around the world! All applications were carefully studied and today we announce the names of the 13 finalists, who will present their projects to investors, which is a part of the jury!


We, InnMind, received dozens of applications of start-ups during the three weeks of the first stage from various regions and countries: India, Russia, Poland, Kazakhstan, Switzerland, Ukraine, Myanmar, Armenia and many others. Most startups have presented the most interesting projects with amazing technologies and ideas.

Nevertheless, Growth Hacking Innovations is not a competition of ideas but of business models. Therefore, the startups that got to the finals are the ones that demonstrated a better understanding of the business component of its projects: a thorough knowledge of the market and work on the implementation of the strategy, which allows to turn the project into a successful business!

 So, in the final of the competition were:

Hideez Band









HR Scoring

Blockchain BCV

Prognostic V-V-P

Proximus RFID Solutions

Over the next 14 days, each finalist will present their projects in online pitch presentations to investors, who will directly evaluate the projects and select the winners.

Many investors in the jury are ready to finance the best projects of the finalists, the winner will get the chance to go through due-diligence and start funding round with one (or even several?!) member of the jury.

The results of the second round will be announced on July 15, 2016.

Our congratulations to the finalists and we wish them victory in the competition and incredible success in the development of start-ups!


Official website of the competition: InnMind

Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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