The committee of science of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan announces of a competition for Senior Scientists Groups (SSG) and Junior Researcher Groups (JRG) Program for commercialization of research and development works under «Fostering productive innovation” project».


Grants for SSG and JRG will be provided to Kazakhstan's leading scientists, talented young researchers and businessmen who want to carry out industrial R&D for introduction into production and/or entry of technology to the market for further commercialization. The term of the grant for commercialization of technologies must not exceed three years from the date of the beginning of the sub-project.

Proposals of research groups and individuals to conduct high-quality research projects with real commercial potential will be considered during the competition. The group should be staffed in an amount of not more than 7 persons, not less than 50% of which must be citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan, including the head of subproject. For funding, grant receiver will need to establish a legal entity.

The selection will be carried out in two stages by the International Board of science and commercialization. In addition to the high scientific value of the proposed research sub-project, the focus will be on the commercial potential of the technology and the readiness to enter the market, as well as availability of the private partner and / or customer of the technology.

The amount of the approved funding for each group will vary depending on the volume of planned work, discipline and features of the research. The amount of the declared financing may not exceed 230 mln. tenge for SSG and 180 mln. tenge for JRG.

The end result of the sub-project is the achievement of a convincing results of technology commercialization by the company (at least, bringing to sales) by the end of 3 years of the project and / or the provision of investment from the enterprise sector and/or sale of technology through licensing agreements.

Applications for participation in the competition shall be submitted from July 10, 2016 in English (compulsory) and the state or Russian languages only in electronic form via the Internet portal: Candidates are strongly encouraged to provide high quality translations into English. Acceptance of applications will be completed at 18.00 Astana time on July 31, 2016. Applications received after the deadline will not be considered.

All applications must conform to a predetermined format and information criteria. Applications that do not meet these requirements will be rejected. To get acquainted with the terms and conditions of the contest, please visit in the grants for SSG and JRG section.

For more information on the Grants Programme for SSG and JRG visit section «Frequently Asked Questions» or send a request by e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  and This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Please note that the application must be filled online on the portal

Download the pre-proposal form (sample)

Download the Instructions for participants for grants of SSG and JRG

Frequently asked questions

1. What is the purpose of the grant program for SSG and JRG?
The goal of the grant program for SSG and JRG is to support Kazakhstan scientists and businessmen in the commercialization of promising R&D results of inventors, research institutes, universities and other institutions.
2. What is the principle of grant provision?
Grants are awarded on a competitive basis according to the requirements and conditions specified in the Instructions (the Rules) for participants of SSG and JRG under Project "Promoting productive innovation".
3Who can participate in the competition for a grant?
The competition for SSG and JRG grants is open for scientists, engineers and legal organizations involved in research and development.
4. Can foreign nationals apply for a grant?
The head of the project must be a citizen of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The group must consist of at least 50% of the citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan, foreign citizens must have residence and stay on the territory of Kazakhstan during the implementation of subprojects. In addition, foreign citizens or companies may participate as an investor or a customer of the technology together with Kazakhstani applicants.
5. What is the difference between the SSG and JRG?
Head of SSG should be a well-known scientist in one of the priority scientific directions with a PhD, post-doctoral or PhD, and publications in international journals.
Head GMNS should be well-known scientist in one of the priority scientific directions with Doctor of Science, PhD, master's degree, specialist with higher education, not older than 35 years with experience of at least 3 years.
6. What is the maximum amount of the grant?
The maximum amount of grants for SSG and JRG shall not exceed 230 mln. and 180 mln. tenge respectively, depending on the volume of work performed and the feasibility of the sub-project costs..
7. What is the maximum term of the sub-project?
The term of the sub-project implementation should not exceed 3 years.
8What are the requirements for the composition of the group?
The group should be composed of the following experts: senior and / or junior researchers, commercialization specialist, researcher, engineer/technologist. The maximum number of people in the group shall not exceed 7 people. The requirements to the specialists of subproject can be found in the Instructions (the Rules) for participants in grant program for SSG and JRG (the document will be uploaded to the website later).
9. What is the language of the proposal?
The application must be filed in English, state and/or Russian languages. The application in English is considered as main.
10. What currency should be used in the preparation of the budget?
The calculation of the budget shall be made in the national currency - tenge.
11How can I apply for grants of SSG and JRG?
Submission of preliminary and full applications will be carried out through the portal of the Project "Promoting productive innovation», access to which will be open from _______.
12. Are there any restrictions in terms of the volume of the information to be filled?
The portal has a limitation of the fields to be filled, scanned copies of drawings, graphics and photos shall be attached as separate files.
13What projects are not funded by this grant program?

1. Projects implemented under other grant programs;

2. Projects relating to the production and/or trade of tobacco, alcoholic beverages, weapons and ammunition, gambling and dual-use of goods.

14. Is co-financing a prerequisite?
The availability of co-financing in the form of cash by the applicant or his partner would be an advantage but not a prerequisite.
15. How is the presence of co-financing of the subproject confirmed?
Co-financing in the form of cash on the part of the applicant or its partners shall be proved by documents confirming the availability of funds or a letter of guarantee of the availability of the partner confirming the readiness to contribute the amount of co-financing in the case if the applicant is chosen as the winner. 
Before the conclusion of the Grant Agreement, the applicant must confirm the presence of the previously declared co-financing volume. To do this, after creation by the applicant of a legal entity, this entity opens a separate current account, which will accumulate all the funds for co-financing of sub-project. Current account must be opened in the bank, which is determined as the Escrow Agent. The current account shall have the applicant's own funds or co-financing funds of the partner. In case of co-financing from the partner, a cooperation agreement between the newly established legal entity and partner with an indication of the amount of co-financing shall be made. A notarized copy of the agreement shall be submitted to the SUE. 
Upon signing of the Grant Agreement, the grant receiver shall provide the original bank statement on the availability of co-financing funds on the current account specified in the agreement of cooperation. 
Failure to provide the above mentioned documents is the basis for the refusal to sign the Grant Agreement. Disbursement of co-financing shall be in accordance with the rules and procedures of the World Bank.
16. Who is a Customer of the Technology? Is the existence of the Customer of the technology a prerequisite?
Customer of the Technology is a natural or legal person interested in obtaining benefits in the form of knowledge, technologies, products, services, etc., created as a result of the implementation of the subproject. 
The Customer of the technology may be private companies, industrial enterprises, governmental/quasi-governmental bodies, as well as their subordinate organizations. The availability of customer of the technology will be an advantage but not a prerequisite.
17. How is the presence of Customer of technology confirmed?
In the case of Customer of Technology, the applicant shall provide a copy of the Memorandum of Cooperation between the Applicant and the Customer of Technology during the competition. 
Specific conditions under which the Customer undertakes in the future to introduce and promote the developed technology and to provide an infrastructure for testing the technology shall be specified in the Agreement of Cooperation between the newly established legal entity (the applicant) and the Customer of the technology that needs to be signed before conclusion of the Grant Agreement. In addition, the customer can provide the funds as co-financing. 
A notarized copy of the agreement shall be submitted to the SUE. Failure to provide the above Agreement is the basis for the refusal to sign the Agreement.
18. Which preliminary applications will have advantage?
During the competition, the advantage will have the preliminary proposals with the following characteristics:

1. The existence of co-financing in the form of cash on the part of the applicant or his partner;

2. The availability of the protected rights to intellectual property (patent, patent license agreement);

3. The availability of the prototype;

4. The availability of an act/test report;

5. The availability of the industrial partner or customer;

6. The availability of an experienced team;

7. The availability of an international partner.

19. Where can I learn about the results of the competition and examination?
The results will be published on the Project website. Applicants can know the results of the examination in the personal account of the Applicant on the portal.
20. Why do I need to create a separate legal entity in the form of LLP for the implementation of the subproject?
Establishing of a separate LLP is necessary to ensure:
- Purity of the rights of an existing or newly created intellectual property unit;
- Distribution of intellectual property rights for created or generated intellectual property (research organizations and universities may include intangible assets in a newly created LLP);
-   Transparency of cash flows and grant co-financing;
-   Independence of the decision making for the implementation of the subproject;
-   Business processes and launch of the product in the market;
-   Simplified monitoring and evaluation of activities.
21. What is the purity of intellectual property rights?
Purity of intellectual property rights is the absence of violations of the exclusive rights of third parties when using or creating intellectual property. 
The applicant is responsible for ensuring the purity of intellectual property rights. In case of violation of this condition, the grant funds are subject to a full refund.
22. What is the "Escrow Agent"?
"Escrow Agent" is a second-tier bank, through which grant funds will be transferred to the winners of the competition. All grant receivers will be required to open special accounts only in the "Escrow Agent", proposed by the Project Management Group for transfer and further disbursement of the grant funds.
23. How will disbursement of grant funds be carried out from the special account in the Escrow Agent?
In accordance with the terms of the Grant Agreement, the grant receiver can make payments independently in the amount of not more than 2 million tenge. 
In case of exceeding this amount, the grant receiver submits an application for the transfer of funds to the Escrow Agent, attaching a copy of the contract with the purchase of goods, works and services, and invoice. On the basis of these documents, the Escrow Agent sends a corresponding request to the SUE/Committee of Science for permission to transfer funds. Experts of the SUE will consider the request, in case of compliance to the requested payment conditions of the Grant Agreement, they will send the approval of payment to Escrow-agent. The payment is made only after receipt of the approval.
24. How long will the competition last and when will it be possible to receive the grant funds?
Competition procedure will not take more than 130 days. Grant funds are provided in three tranches. 
The frequency and size of the tranches will be determined individually for each sub-project. Tranches except for advance payment will be sent to the grant receiver the date after receipt of the financial report, elimination of comments in this report and receiving a positive assessment of ICSC for each phase of the subproject.
25. What do we expect in the implementation of the subproject?
The end result of the project shall be one of the following scenarios:
- Making the company self-sufficient by achieving sales (at least 12 months after the closing of grant funding);
- Investment from private sector, which will provide financial support to the Company not less than 12 months after the closing of grant funding);
- Sale of technology through licensing agreements, the minimum amount of returns on investment of which will provide covering of expended grant funds within 10 years, but no more.
Successful projects are the projects that reached one of the above indicators.
The monthly amount to support companies will be calculated according to the actual operations costs of the company.
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